Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Name it! Another contest post.

My dad is trying to name his new English Setter. My husband and siblings suggested "Timber," "Fire" and "Look Out." (Go ahead--yell for your imaginary dog using those names and see how awesome they are.) But my dad is more of a traditionalist. He had a name picked out, but then I said if I ever had a boy (human, not dog), I might want to use that name. I'm cool with having a son named after an English Setter, but my dad thought maybe he wouldn't want to call for his dog and have his grandson come running too, so he's still working on finding a name. 

But this post isn't about my dad's dog. It's about our incredible holiday weight loss contest! I feel like our contest needs a name. How is it supposed to feel comfortable with its peers if it doesn't have a name? I want our contest to be properly socialized. Wanna help?

Here are some ideas (let me know what you think):

*Lose Your Bowl Full of Jelly   (reference to The Night Before Christmas, you know)
*Be Thinner on Christmas Than You Were 20 Days Earlier!
*Put Down the Fruitcake
*Big Fat Holiday Loser
*Ho Ho Ho...We're Fat
*Santa's Stuck in the Chimney and So Am I
*Help! I Can't See My Feet!  

Sara likes The UC or The Unnamed Contest. 

Any other suggestions?

On a semi-related note, if I ever have another daughter (or get a really awesome dog), I'm totally naming her Amy Lawson

Don't forget...the contest begins tomorrow! Dig out that scale. 


K and/or K said...

We're Bringing Skinny Back

Katy said...

I am IN.
I'm the fabulous Amy Lawson's sister- the FLabulous Katy.

Wendi said...

I like the "Lose your bowl full of jelly" one. I'm in a festive mood and have been putting up Christmas decorations today. I think I'll call that my exercise for the day. :)

Anonymous said...

I like "Put Down The Fruitcake" although, the only people I know that eat fruitcake are my parents.

Tiffany said...

Hola Chicas - I'm in too! :) I need to lose my bowl full of jelly, so that's my pick. However, I'm game for whatever you choose - even if it is the UC....that sounds kind of hip, like we are under 25 and living in California. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Anonymous said...

Btw, is there a certain time we need to "weigh in"? In my (pre)defense, I do quite a bit of weight training, and muscle weighs more than fat, right?? ;) I think I'm with Tiffany, I really like The UC. It's catchy!

Bethy said...

I vote the UC or the Bowl Full of Jelly One. Actually a bowl full of jelly might be one of the only food items in this world that I would NOT want to eat. Wait....if it were tied to a dozen fresh-baked, warm rolls, scones, biscuits, muffins, or, I could manage.

Gina Lee said...

Okay.. I'm in. I need to lose 30 pounds. 10 of it is from my last pregnancy (12 months ago) and the other 20 is from my first pregnancy (four years ago). Yep... I hold most of my excess jelly in my belly. Therefore, I vote on "Lose Your Bowl Full of Jelly". I guess we will see how much I can lose before Christmas. My husband has lost 35 pounds recently so everyone is going to be all "Awe Tommy you look so great... Oh! Too bad your wife still looks like a rhinoceros!"

Amy said...

If you get a dog, I'm seriously holding you to that.

I like Ho, Ho, Ho...We're Fat

Sara said...

My vote is for "Ho Ho Ho...We're Fat (and who you callin' 'ho?')"