Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kid Vitamins Are Delicious (and other reasons I'm still fat)

When I give my kids their vitamins each day, I eat one too. I think of them as more of a treat than a nutritional supplement. I like the purple ones.

 Sometimes I'll have another one later in the day. I really want to eat the whole bottle, but I'm held back by fears of vitamin poisoning. I guess they have built in portion control that way, unlike Sweetarts or Smarties. 

You know what else is delicious? Those chewy chocolate calcium supplements. 

I really need to be more of a food snob. That's my problem. (Well, one of my problems.) Yeah, I like fine food--I like it a lot--but I also like hot dogs and Cheetos and the fried cheese at Arby's. I am a regular halfway house for food--I welcome all the foods that aren't acceptable in polite society. 
Develop more discriminating tastes. That's what I have to do. 'Cause I just can't go on like this--eating anything that comes along. I almost never eat food out of the trash anymore, though. And I hesitate before eating old pretzels from my preschooler's car seat. I think that's a good sign. 


Sara said...

You are so a food snob! Share with the class your position on Oreos and M&Ms (non-peanut).

Holly said...

I ate half a package of Oreos a few months ago. Still not jiggy with the plain M&Ms, though. I admit it.
Way to ruin my premise, Sara!

queen40 said...

I eat the kids vitamins too. There is an adult dosage on the label, so I'm allowed.

temaire said...

You don't like plain M&M's?! That is almost sacrilige! (I am so not sure about that spelling...I just checked, it is right!) Anything chocolate it good! And Oreos are the best! :) btw, if you are pregnant two kids vitamins is the same as one pre-natal vitamin. I know this because I could not keep down the real ones so my doctor had me eat the others. Happy chewing!

Wendi said...

Thanks for sharing with the class that you're not jiggy with plain M&M's. You two slay me. :)

I'm actually quite fond of the gummy bear vitamins myself. Although, yesterday my son was discussing how he could shape them into our entire family's body shape--he said the normal size bear was him, he stretched the bear out long and skinny to resemble my husband and daughter, and then he smooshed one nice and squatty to resemble me. He also loves to jiggle my upper arm fat and laugh at me. Oh the joys of becoming old and flabby!

Thanks for your encouragement on my therapy blog, Holly. You're a pal. :)

K and/or K said...

I used to LOVE taking my Flinstone vitamins as a kiddo. And the citrus TUMs aren't bad either. But nothing beats greasy orange fingers after plowing through a bag of Cheetos!

dcfullest said...

I am trying to get pregnant and my doctor put me on prescription prenatal vitamins. They taste exactly like Flintstone Kid Vitamins and I love them.

Diana said...

Eating the whole bottle of Flintstones... hmm... sounds vaguely familiar... Oh yeah, when I was about 3 I did eat a whole bottle. Our cabinets had pull out drawers and provided me with a built in staircase to the top cabinet. I'm guessing that was before kid-proof bottles. Lets just say the vitamins tasted much better than the liquid charcoal the dr made me drink!

Last fall I tried the viactiv chocolate calcium and loved them! Almost as good as a piece of chocolate.

wowo said...

There's a House episode where a little boy feeds his brother a bunch of Flintstone Vitamins so that he grows big and strong and the kid OD's. But you can't believe everything you see on TV. Just everything thing you read on the internets.