Saturday, December 27, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is Stew

No, I'm not procrastinating, I'm thinking ahead. My husband and I decided not to buy Christmas presents for each other this year for the sake of saving money and all that jazz, but I've thought of a few things I want for next year. I'm really not all that greedy or materialistic (or so I'd like you to think), but I have found a few things on the internet lately...

First of all, I think I want one of these.

And also, this thing right here.

And here's yet another annoying link
to a thing I want. 

While we're at it, I would like this thing here.

You must be really bored if you're still clicking on these links, but fine, I also would enjoy this thing here.

And one more...right here.

Oh! I can't forget this one little last thing.

What d'ya know? It looks like I'm interested in opening an old-timey general store. Maybe I should. At the very least, I want the phone booth. I could hide in there with my cell phone when the kids are loud. 

I suppose the thing I want the most for next Christmas (besides peace on earth--that's a given). I want to be quite a bit smaller (but not in height) and healthier than I am now. I think I may have to supply that gift myself. 

Think of how well I'll fit in that phone booth!

P.S. The idea for that picture came to me a few weeks ago while I was driving alone in my van. I laughed out loud (that's "lol" for you internet-savvy folks) for about five minutes. Now that I'm not on cold medicine, and I realize that it isn't nearly as funny as I thought, I still laugh because of how much I laughed before. 
(Those of you not familiar with contemporary Christmas tunes, you'll be extra confused by the picture. That's OK.)


Anonymous said...

I could be your partner is owning that store as I was oooing and ahhing over most of the links (yes, I do have some time on my hands thankyouverymuch) That farm house makes me swoon.

We opted not to exchange gifts this year as well and focus on the kids and extended family (and saving money). I want to be smaller but guess that gift it up to me!

Wendi said...

I definitely sense a pattern in that wish list of yours. :) I didn't know you were sick! (Some best in-state friend I am!!) Glad you could laugh anyway. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

Hey, thanks for having my kids over to play yesterday. They had fun and I appreciated it. Hope they didn't make you crazy. There's a little bit of crazy going around lately... ;)

Anonymous said...

I noticed you like really old things. I love old homes and my hubby doesn't, so I found a new home that kind of looked more of an older style inside. I thought the phone booth was a stand up tanning booth. The latter of which I have asked for as some of us don't live in warm sunny Egypt. You'll need to blog and let us know if any of these fine vintage items were dropped off by Santa!