Sunday, December 14, 2008

Contest Day 10: Lax weekend

Who else weighed in on Friday then ate cookies the rest of the day? Make that cookies and pie. Someone left a pie on our doorstep, with a note thanking us for making his/her (pretty sure it was a her) evening happier with our Christmas lights. Either that was a very sweet gesture from a stranger, or one of you is a saboteur and will go to any lengths to win this contest. The good news is the pie wasn't poison. The bad news is I had two pieces. 

Ah well. Yesterday and today could have been worse. 
Sara IMed me on Friday when I wasn't on my computer and asked me to post her weight: 150.8. I don't know if that's up or down because I'm too lazy to open a new window and check. I think it's down. 
Well, work hard this week all y'all. I promise not to leave pies on your doorsteps. 


Anonymous said...

I have not as of yet posted my weight because, 1. I do not own a scale (I am using my friends' at her house), and 2. My dh just finished up his Tab Choir concert fiasco...or fiesta, depending on what side of the fence you are on and last week about put me into an institution! Promise my weigh-in will be on the blog tomorrow!

Holly said...

No worries. We'll be super forgiving about deadlines this week. After that, expect no mercy. ;)

Wendi said...

Your Christmas lights are SO spectacular that the general public wants to give you gifts! I just feel so proud to be your friend. :)

Wendi said...

Wow! Sara is down 2 pounds--she must be working her plan on vacation. So impressive. I'm proud of all of you losers! :)

P.S. I'm doing a LITTLE bit less snarfing this week. :)

Katie said...

I do believe it's your (and actually Sara's) fault I ate a very dense rich fudgy piece of chocolate cake last week. Luckily, your plan was foiled and I still lost. My Mom has been trying to get me to eat some and take some home all week!