Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to fail at weight 14 easy steps!

1. Refuse to ask for help or accept advice from others.

2. Assume your work will be done when you reach your goal weight.
3. Give up at the slightest sign of adversity
4. Decide you can eat whatever you want since you're exercising regularly
5. Decide that weight loss is harder for you than everyone else.
6. Make a number goal (lose x number of pounds by x date) and feel like a failure if you don't reach that goal.
7. Whine more than you work.
8. Constantly criticize yourself and your progress (or lack thereof).
9. Decide you don't need to write down or track what you eat.
10. Go into each day without a plan.
11. Rely only on the scale to measure your progress.
12. Reward or punish yourself with food.
13. Hate yourself.
14. Don't weigh in on Diet Cake today


Jess B said...

I think you and I are in the same boat. Sucks! I weighed in even though I didn't want to and I didn't even lie, like I wanted to, about my gain. ugh. Here's to a better week this coming week. :)

Anonymous said...

#4 and #9 are my biggest struggles. I used to work out MORE just so I could keep eating what I was eating. Changing that thinking though!

I have a hard time with recording what I eat because it makes me crazy and I become obsessed and it doesn't feel healthy? Any suggestions?

Katie said...

Maybe instead of writing everything you ate for the day, just give yourself a star (I actually put stickers on the calendar) for the days you feel you did well. I also feel like I'm obsessive when I write down everything I eat. If you only had one serving instead of two, give yourself a star. If you passed up dessert (even though it was tempting), give yourself a star. You can't be totally healthy and change your habits overnight, so reward for good behavior, and improvements, no matter how small or large. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I love that idea- thanks!