Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey...

and stuffing and yams. 

First, let's talk about yams. They are nasty. Don't waste calories on tubers smothered in marshmallowy ooze. 


We're having Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws this year. Somebody help me! (Just kidding--I love my in-laws. I especially love any of my in-laws who happen to read this blog entry. I love them SO much!) 

My mother-in-law has special plates just for Thanksgiving dinner. And by "special," I mean, "bigger than my hair in the 80's." You could feed an entire third-world nation off one of these plates. I'll take a picture of one of them (the plates, not a third-world nation) on Thursday and post it on this blog.

This post is not about big plates or big hair--it's about food. Specifically, it's about the big calories in your Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you want to eat until your belly button pops out like a Norbest turkey timer, go right ahead, but I want you to be informed first. Here's a veritable feast of information (tasty, tasty information) for you:

Thanksgiving Foods: Calories and Weight Watchers Points

*turkey, white meat 2 ounces (approx. weight 111 cal 2 WW pts
of an obese parakeet)
*turkey, dark meat 2 ounces (see above) 125 cal 2 WW pts
*turkey gravy 1/4 cup 68 cal 2 WW pts
*mashed potatoes 1 cup 233 cal 4 WW pts
*stuffing 1 cup 300 cal 6 WW pts
*sweet potatoes 2 1/2" x 2" section of 151 cal 3 WW pts
casserole dish
*green bean casserole 1/6th of 1.5 qt casserole 410 cal 11 WW pts
*cranberry sauce 1/2 cup 209 cal 4 WW pts
*dinner roll 1 average size roll, white 111 cal 2 WW pts
*butter 1 tablespoon 102 cal 3 WW pts
*pumpkin pie 1/8th of a 9-inch pie 323 cal 8 WW pts
*whipped cream 1/2 cup 207 cal 6 WW pts

This information was gleaned from the fertile fields of the internet. The caloric values of your Thanksgiving foods may vary. 

What are you going to eat on Thursday? How much of it? How many new feuds will you start with your siblings? 

(my answers: everything but the sweet potatoes, not enough to make me throw up, 2)

Photo notes: 

1) It was taken in 1990, not the 80's, but for our purposes it works.
2) I don't know what's most horrifying: my hair, my pleated white pants, my facial expression or the lasers. What do you think?
3) In my defense, I was reluctant to be photographed in front of the laser background. The photographer talked me into it. "It looks really good in the finished pictures!" he gushed. 
4) The pants were my idea, and there is no excuse for them. 
5) This picture will probably come back to haunt me someday. 


Wendi said...

Oh, wow! I love the lasers, white pleated pants, the big hair, AND your expression. But especially the lasers. I have some lovely senior pictures along those same lines as well. Thanks for info. and the advice on eating during Thanksgiving. Have a good one! :)

Nicholle said...

So cool! We should photoshop you holding a light saber.