Friday, November 21, 2008

Honk Honk

That's me, tooting my own horn.

(I guess this could be subtitled, "I Can't Think of Anything to Blog About, So I'm Going to Tell You How Great I Am Instead.")

Today marks 6 weeks of tracking my food. Everything I ate. Every day. 6 weeks. For me, that is huge. I think to this point my record is 3 weeks, maaaaaybe 3 1/2. But probably not. Today is also 3 weeks of drinking 100+ ounces of water everyday. And in 2 days, my 12-week chart will be 3/4ths of the way full. So yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

I will pause whilst you go hurl.

But that's really not my big deal this week. I am so grateful that the tracking and the water and the exercise feels commonplace and that, while I'm pretty pleased with myself about my consistency (usually me and consistency, well, we are not friends), it's almost so normal that it's almost no biggie. (I say "almost" because I'm trying to be better at giving myself credit for the good stuff I do.) No, my big deal this week is that I didn't quit.

I really wanted to. The combination of the scale jump and the abysmal running experience--along with a bunch of other junk going on--really did a number on my head. I would not have been surprised if my period had shown up this week, even though it's a week too soon, that's how bad my brain was. In fact, I was almost hoping for it because then I'd have some explanation other than "Crazy." But alas, it was just me.

Yesterday in particular was really hard. All day long I just wanted to stuff myself with whatever I could find. Yesterday just happened to also be the day I did my weekly grocery shopping. It's truly a miracle I didn't leave the store with nothing but a cart full of Oreos and Pop Tarts. I am so not kidding. But I didn't. Stuff on my list only, thank you (though I did buy a bag of really giant ziploc bags, because you never know when you might need a really giant ziploc bag, and around here if you don't buy something when you see it, you're not likely to ever get the chance again, so that was an impulse buy, though thankfully an inedible one). I spent the evening talking myself out of making cookies, a task made harder when a friend updated her Facebook status to read "is making cookies." Even Facebook was against me!

I didn't quit though. I even exercised 3 times yesterday. And after spending all week higher than last week's weigh-in, the scale was down 1 pound this morning. Still not caught up with last week's gain, but it's in the right direction, and I'm pleased.


Wendi said...

I'm often looking for some explanation other than "crazy" too. But most of the time, I'm just plain crazy. Good job on your consistency. I walked to and from the bank that is a little over 1.7 miles from our house today! That makes me ALMOST as cool as you and Holly, but not nearly as funny. ;)

Anne Nichols said...

Okay Sara, I went back to this post just to tell you how proud you should be of me (I'm not self-centered at all!). Actually, it was more to thank you for all the great ideas you've posted that I have been copying. :)

So I've been toying with the idea of getting a gym membership but know deep down that I'd just end up going for a few days and then shelling out hundreds of dollars thereafter to pay Gold's Gym employees to sit and stare at all the equipment I'm NOT using. So... I decided to try a few at-home workouts - including the awesome arm workout you posted - and track it all on my fancy 12-week calendar I printed. Today is only day 2, but I'm already feeling really good and motivated to not "break the chain."

So, long comment short, thanks for your ideas and for the future pounds I will (hopefully!) be losing this month.