Sunday, January 11, 2009

The post in which I write all about ME ME ME!

"Wait," you say, "Isn't that what all your posts are about?" You may have a point there, but I'm going to ignore you.

Lots of bloggers create a 100 Things About Me post when they reach 100 posts. We're somewhere around there, so I thought I'd go ahead and do that. Sara will be cringing when she reads this and wondering if she has to do it too. No, she does not. But if she doesn't, I will do it for her. That should strike fear into her heart (and possibly her stomach, too). 

I'll try to include some weight-loss and/or health-related facts in the list to keep it relevant. 

One of these things is a lie. If you are the first to guess which once, I will give you a prize. The prize may or may not be imaginary. 

1. I like pizza
2. My favorite color is blue, but red is a close second.
3. I am the oldest of four children.
4. I am bossy.
5. I have two children, both daughters.
6. I want more kids, but I'm scared.
7. I feel great guilt over the condition of my barbecue.
8. My husband is my best friend.
9. My husband is shorter than I am.
10. We're both OK with that. 
11. I wear heels on occasion, sometimes very tall ones.
12. I bruise easily
13. I've colored my hair twice in my life, both times with demi-permanent drugstore color. The first time it was a deep burgundy red. The second time it looked exactly like my natural color and nobody noticed.
14. I got better tips at my waitressing job when I had red hair.
15. I love thrift stores.
16. The smell of thrift stores makes me gag a little.
17. I don't use the library anymore because I always get huge fines.
18. I buy my books at thrift stores instead.
19. I like to cook.
20. I hate to cook.
21. I am both fascinated and disgusted by politics.
22. I think I'd be a good politician if I could get past my fear of everything (including criticism) and my inherent laziness.
23. I will never be a politician even if I accomplish those things.
24. I procrastinate. A lot.
25. I am getting better, but it is too slow a process.
26. I am definitely a late bloomer.
27. I have lots of wonderful friends who I don't deserve.
28. I neglect my friends too much.
29. I really like being thin, but I don't like doing what it takes to get there.
30. I need to do it anyway.
31. I was a total, glasses-wearing, bad-hair, bad-at-sports nerd in elementary school.
32. I did not like elementary school.
33. I was sometimes teacher's pet, but never the number one teacher's pet.
34. I watch a lot of TV.
35. Almost all the TV watching I do is with my husband.
36. I love to dig in the dirt and garden.
37. I never have enough time to make my yard look the way I want it too.
38. I don't manage my time very well.
39. I like sparkly jewelry.
40. I like jewelry in general.
41. I like stuff, but I know it isn't important to my happiness.
42. I love office supplies
43. Especially Sharpies
44. Paper is nice, too
45. I was really poor when I was growing up.
46. I lived in rich neighborhoods.
47. I worry about wrinkles
48. I wear a lot of sunscreen.
49. I don't tan.
50. I have an iPhone. I didn't think I wanted one, but my husband gave me his old one.
51. I like iPhones now.
52. I am a worrier.
53. I don't worry nearly as much as I used to.
54. I wish my feet were smaller.
55. But I think my height is just right.
56. I am painfully shy.
57. I have trained myself to be much more outgoing than I used to be.
58. It's still hard.
59. I hate making phone calls.
60. All of my bath towels are at least 8 years old and falling apart.
61. I can't stand that there are hungry and starving people in the world. 
62. I like dogs, but I don't want the responsibility of owning one right now.
63. I love the smell of libraries.
64. I like rainy days, but too many in a row makes me depressed.
65. I like to hike, but I hardly ever do it. 
66. I like reading movie reviews and watching movies, but I don't go to many.
67. I rarely see a movie twice. 
68. My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life. I have seen it many times. 
69. I think some of the most self-righteous people in the world are famous actors.
70. I admire the ones who realize they are just fallible human beings after all. 
71. I have lots of strong opinions, but they are not all set in stone.
72. I am not always right.
73. I once had a job where I read (speed-reading style) newspapers all day. 
74. I didn't make enough money at that job.
75. I had LASIK 4 years ago.
76. Before that my vision was about 20/1000
77. I had mono when I was in high school and was sick for a really long time.
78. I didn't graduate with my class and had to go to summer school before I could get my diploma.
79. I was a Girl Scout when I was a kid and loved it.
80. I'm a pretty good cake decorator, but I don't want to go into business. People act shocked when I tell them this.
81. I have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage accessories. It's called She's Fancy. 
I haven't told many people I know about it yet. I don't know what I'm waiting for.
82. I think "fancy" is a funny word.
83. If you can make me laugh, I'll probably like you.
84. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 step-brother and 5 step-sisters. 
85. I love movie popcorn, but lately it's been disappointing.
86. I'm a Mormon. I'm also a Christian.
87. I'm finally OK with all the people who say you're not Christian if you're Mormon. Oh well.
88. I like candy. My particular favorites are chocolate, sour candy and black licorice.
89. I've been a member of Weight Watchers for almost 2 years.
90. I like looking put together, but I rarely do (look put together.)
91. I like being alone, but I wouldn't like it permanently. 
92. I dropped out of college.
93. I used to yearn to finish college--now I don't care.
94. My mom was right--I do regret not practicing the piano.
95. I used to want to be a ballerina, but I was not a very good dancer.
96. I want to write a novel, but I don't want to do the work. Yes, that is a contradiction. 
97. I am prone to post-partum depression and depression in general.
98. Yet I still think of myself as a basically happy person.
99. My living room has yellow walls.
100. I think people can change for the better, even though they often don't. 


Doncha Wannano said...

This is blogging at its finest. I loved the snarky humor and honest self-assessment. I feel like you are a kindred spirit because a lot of what you said rings true for me too. Especially #22,28,63,83,91 and definitely #59. (If you were interested.) Thanks for being followers #5 on my blog. You're awesome.

Wendi said...

Great list, Holly! I think the lie is #7 (or perhaps #68)? If I'm wrong, I still hope I can be your best in-state friend. :)

Sara said...

You realize, don't you, that now you've activated my contrary nature, and I'm likely to wait to write mine until I see what your version of it would be, right?

Debbie said...

#4...I don't think you're bossy. At least you weren't for the one whole day I spent with you. Are there really people who think Mormons aren't Christians? That seems odd to me.