Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bob Harper would tell me to get a pack of Extra gum

Do you ever have those days where everything seems to be clicking--your eating's great, you exercised hard, and you're just feeling like you've got it together--and then you eat the house? Yesterday was one of those days for me. It felt like I was doing everything right and then when I got up from a short afternoon nap (which, if you know me, you know I only took because my body sneaked it up on me; you know, sitting there one minute, waking up the next. I almost never nap voluntarily; it seems like such a waste of quiet), bam, I ate 2 brownies, 2 pieces of french toast with butter, a bowl chicken alfredo, and some pudding. It's a darn good thing those brownies were the last 2, or I'm sure I would have had more.

I don't really know what drove me off of my plan. I'm sure part of it had to do with the tired (dh and I have been up late every night this week watching the 2nd season of Lost, the bane of my existence and I love it, plus I got up at 2 am yesterday to see dh off on another of his trips). Another part of it is probably because my mom's been here for 2 weeks and will be here for another. Don't get me wrong--I'm enjoying having her here, but it does throw me off my routine a bit. Her being here is also why the brownies, alfredo, and pudding were also here It's the price I pay for not having to cook, thank you very much. I can't blame the presence of the food for why I ate them though; my mom of all people understands turning down food for the sake of eating healthier/losing weight. Mostly I'm just disappointed in myself, because I really was feeling like I was in some proverbial groove yesterday. I do need to give myself a little credit though, because I didn't eat any more french bread than that, I only had one bowl of pasta, and it was a small bowl at that, same with the pudding. No points for the brownies though (would those be brownie points?), since it truly was a good thing they were all gone; baked goods are my undoing.

Anyway, today I'm moving/have moved on. I'm noticing a bigger urge to eat more today though, and I don't know if it's related to yesterday at all. Mostly I'm just trying to ride it out. That involves staying away from the kitchen as much as possible and trying to find other things to do. My room is really clean right now. Though if I start filing, you'll know I'm really in trouble. That's a sure sign of desperation!

What do you do to keep yourself from eating when you know you dont need it?


queen40 said...

In theory, just keeping busy should do it. I find VERY LOUD music will change my mood almost instantly. Especially if it's latin, or dance music. Silly, I know, because I'm a rock n' roll, folksy type of person.

That has been working for my mood this winter.

Or you can eat a piece of sugar free extra gum, if you like gum that is.

another thing Bob Harper would say is "SHUT THE F*$! UP, JOELLE AND JUST DO IT!"

Sara said...

Wha??? He did what?!? Man, I move to one little 3rd world country with crappy tv, and I miss everything good! I can't believe I missed that! I'd (almost) pay money to see Bob flip out on someone. Boo.

queen40 said...

You don't have to pay money, see it on the internet!, click on "the blowout"

Sara said...

Hulu is one of the many (aka ALL) sites that like to tell me that sorry, our videos are not available for viewing outside of the United States. It's a conspiracy to keep me from seeing awesomeness, I'm sure.

queen40 said...

That sucks! It must be on youtube, is youtube against you too?

Melissa said...

I neglect my family and I just DON'T cook. I love my cooking and I will eat it all if it is there (for example, yesterday I made a 4 pound, delicious pot roast and I ate three pounds of it--with potatoes--by myself). And they're not allowed to bring "contraband into the house. If they buy it, I can't know about it and it has to stay out in my husband's car.

Yeah. They hate me. But I'd rather be thin than have their love.

Anonymous said...

I go to the gym. A lot. Some days, I will hit the gym twice. Either that, or I lock myself in my room...until I find all the Christmas chocolate on my dresser, in my linen closet, etc.. Locking myself in my room as proved hazardous lately. Today? I had a protein shake, water, half a Kashi bar, chocolate,a gyro, fries, chocolate, protein shake, more chocolate, and even more chocolate (my "no more caffeine" goal is causing a calorie explosion!). Tomorrow, I am hitting the gym twice. Dang it!

Katie said...

So are you cursing Holly's name for extending the competition one more week? I might be cursing her name. We moved this weekend, and I've been SOOOOO BAD!!!!

majcross said...

I just weighed in because I do all of the time and it was 194 that is the lowest it has been all year. I had to post.