Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm tired--here's a link

I told Sara I'd blog daily while she was traipsing around Luxor with her family this week. Uh...good thing Sara knows me. Her expectations are generally very low. 

If you haven't looked at this site, you should:

Start with the earliest posts and work your way to the present if you have the time. Be sure to read the descriptions. They're the best part. 

Here's one of the cakes I made before I got into cake decorating and became the world's foremost expert. This cake is, uh, interesting. I had a lot to learn back then:

The year was 1999, and for my mom's birthday I wanted to make her a cake decorated with these marshmallow daisies I saw on the cover of Woman's Day. You know what I can't make out of marshmallows? Daisies. You know what I can make out of marshmallows? Bunnies. I showed the cake to Joel before we left for the party, and seeing his confused expression I said, "Bunnies just happened!" Well, they did. 


Anonymous said...

I love how much that site makes me laugh. Your bunnies are awesome!

Wendi said...

I just started back at the beginning on that blog. My favorite one so far is from May 20th: "Time to Par-Tay". :) Oh, and I especially love the wing-like ears on your cute little bunnies. :)