Thursday, August 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I got this e-mail forward a few years ago that was entitled something like "What Men Say vs. What They Really Mean," and it had a long list of "translations" of things men say. I remember chuckling a little at a few of them, but only one made me laugh out loud. It was also, conveniently, the only one I remember (clearly, if you want me to remember something, it darn well better be funny!). It said: "What He Says: 'I can't find it.' What He Really Means: 'It didn't fall into my outstretched hand, so I'm stumped."

So when I say "Technical difficulties," what I really mean is, "The DVDs aren't falling into our outstretched DVD players and forcing us to exercise to them, so we're not so much stumped as still sitting on the couch."

Sadly, Holly and I have a long and storied history of inability to motivate each other. I was hoping that This Time Would Be Different, as I always do. But I've decided (and I've decided for Holly, too)(because I'm nice like that)(and also bossy), that instead of just letting this totally fade away like we usually do, we are trying a novel new approach called "TRYING AGAIN." What we aren't going for here is to exemplify Homer Simpson quote, "Well, son, you've tried and failed miserably; the lesson here is: Never Try."

Tomorrow (Friday) is the Sabbath here in Egypt, and that's my rest day, and Holly is traveling out of state for a family funeral this weekend, but come Saturday for me and Monday for Holly, we'll be in front of our TVs, DVDin' our little hearts out. Right, Holly?


Wendi said...

Good luck, girls! Go Sara and Holly!! I'm cheering for you while I sit nice and sedentary behind my laptop screen...

Andrea said...

So I did it - and I am sooooo sore! My back and legs are telling me I am a big jerk for making them do things they have not done in years. Hopefully this exercise thing gets easier :0). If not, I am going to need to cart around on one of those futuristic wheely things I see on occassion around town. I don't think they'd work in my house though. I would have to thump thump thump down the stairs and - well how did I even get up the stairs.... I digress. Hope you two are keeping up! (Though I know yesterday was Friday and was the Sabbath in Egypt.)