Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it possible to shake your fist at yourself?

Because I really wanted to do that tonight.

Today was my kids' first day of school, which meant that the whole day was consumed by getting everyone ready and out the door, sitting through a couple hours' worth of orientations, helping the Kindergartener finish up her first day, going back shortly thereafter for the other 3 (the K classes are on half days for the first two weeks, so eventually they'll all come home at the same time), hearing all of them talk at the same time about their days, filling out the SAME FORM 6,548 times, dinner, nighttime routines, putting everyone to bed, then having the 8th grader come home from a church activity, hearing all about that, helping her get all her stuff ready for tomorrow (please cringe along with me at the memory of having to change for jr. high gym; that's what we were packing for her), getting her to bed, packing the lunchboxes (I'm being nice this week; chances are good they'll be doing it on their own soon cuz me no likey), cleaning that up, and finally sitting down. And did I mention that I have a hangnail and wolves are chasing me?

Oh yeah. Still need to exercise.

And not just ride-my-bike-and-read, which I kinda like (you get to read! while you exercise! what's not to love?!), but a DVD.

Insert fist shaking here. Except that it was my idea.

Well, phooey.

In all honesty, I actually got online, signed into blogger, and almost started typing a post saying that it just wasn't going to happen tonight. Then I fought with myself some more. And then I went into my room, changed my clothes, put on a DVD, and commenced with the sweating.

I'll leave you with something I heard Jillian Whom I Love say while she was making me hurt tonight: "You want results? They're not coming for free!"

Which is unfortunate, really. Because some free results would be sorta awesome.


Andrea said...

Oh now I feel like a really slimy person. I was telling myself last night - as soon as we put the kids down for bed...that's when I will do my DVD. Did it happen? Well I did say I feel really slimy. I had waaaaayyy less excuses last night and I apologize for not getting to that darn exercise video. I promise to do it tonight though - does that make me less slimy? :0)

Sara said...

Don't feel slimy! Just keep on keepin' on, and other somesuch platitudes as that :) You're doing great!

Wendi said...

Dang...I really wish results were free... ;)

I'm impressed at your willpower, Sara. Thanks for the good example!