Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tyrants all

There I was at 11:50pm tonight--tired, weary, sleepy and tuckered out (I have a thesaurus widget, do you?) when I realized I had to do an exercise DVD before I could go to bed. Why? Why would I do such a thing when I was so exhausted, drained and pooped? Because Sara MADE me. Sure, she's like a garillion miles and 9 or 10 time zones away, but she has powers. Scary, scary powers. I did three whole hours of yard work this morning (at one point sweat dripped off my nose--that's how fatigued, zonked and wasted I was). Surely, you think, that would be enough to satisfy Sara's sadistic whims...but no, it was not. 

So I did the stupid, moronic and doltish DVD--all 20 hideous, gruesome and repellant minutes of it. And now my legs hurt, ache and smart. I hope Sara is happy, gleeful and buoyant.

Next thing you know she'll be taxing my tea and hostily taking over my corporate empire. 

P.S. Photos (L to R): George III of England, Donald of Manhattan, Sara of the Fertile Delta


Anne said...

Gotta love that Thesaurus widget. I use it daily. Honest.

Also, way to go for doing a workout after your long day yesterday! You have way more motivation than I do.

Amy said...

I know I shouldn't laugh at your pain... but the look on Sara's face there is priceless. And great job getting that 20 minutes done!

Anonymous said...

I swore, after getting my geographic lesson from Holly that I would not post here again, but that picture of Sara, next to Donald and George is priceless! Thanks for making me laugh as you always do!

Wendi said...

Hilarious, Holly! Frankly, I'm more happy about this witty blog post than I am about your exercising. (Tht's just the kind of lazy person I am...) But good job on the willpower too. Mean ol' Sara...trying to make you be healthy! The nerve!!

Raiye said...

Did I say something so offensive the first time that I didn't make it through? This is a test.

Sara said...

Raiye, I haven't seen anything from you; I don't know what happened. Sorry, sweets. Maybe try again?

I mean, uh, I censored you! Censored, I say! (I forgot that I'm mean for a second there.)