Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rock *Your* Body

Day One success!

The DVD I tried today is called Rock Your Body by Jamie King. And guess what?! I didn't hate it! In fact, I sorta liked it--despite the fact that I'm white, 33, white, and a mom! (Dancing? Not my strong suit.)

The entire workout is a little over an hour, but I only made it about 45 minutes. Jamie breaks the routine down (yo) a section at a time and the entire routine into two halves. Then he puts both halves together for a "Dress Rehearsal" and then the "Performance." I made it through both halves, but wasn't even close to having it down enough to string it all together.

The amazing points are as follows:
1) I didn't feel like checking my watch every few minutes to see how much longer until it was over. I'm bored easily. Attention-span-of-a-gnat easily. And this is exacerbated when I'm uncomfortable (exercising = uncomfortable). But pitiful dancing abilities aside, this held both my attention and interest the whole time, despite the discomfort of working hard (I was dripping sweat by the end).
b) I am also annoyed easily. You know that saying, "Stuck in my craw?" Holly and I often joke about me and my seemingly overstuffed craw. Lots o' stuff in there, I tell ya. And near the top of the things that fill my craw? Aerobics instructors! But Jamie is not obnoxious! Go figure! I mean, sure there's a "I'm a young, cool, hip-hop dude" vibe going on, but he wears it well. And his style of instruction is pretty gentle and encouraging. I'm a fan of making fun of the people on screen that are only trying to lead me to good health, but this guy didn't make me feel even a little but derisive! (How's that for a compliment?!)
III) I'm looking forward to doing it again. Please note this day on your calendars, friends. We should probably make a National Holiday out of it. I'm not sure this has ever happened before, but I'm actually planning on doing this one again soon. Sure I've done other videos more than once, but it was always with more of a "I'm only doing this because it's good for me" attitude.

All told, I'll be back for more. I'm thinking once I get the whole dance routine down maybe I could put on a show for the neighborhood kids! Ha! That's an idea that should be filed under "How to Make People Feel Derisive."

Can't wait to hear Holly's report!

P.S. That image at the top? That's exactly what I looked like.


Amy said...

I always wear a belt with MY leotard. One of those cool interlocking 8's shaped kind.


D) you rock.

Wendi said...

Again, I must say I love your parenthetical comments. Very amusing.

Congratulations on exercising and enjoying it! :)