Monday, March 16, 2009

Size: L (L is for Limbo)

When Sara was here way back in January (that seems so long ago), we went to Target. I think we were there mainly so Sara could give it (Target) a big "I miss you" hug, but we also purchased a few items. As it was still freezing cold here way back in January, Sara purchased some tights. I thought I would enjoy owning some tights also, so I picked up a package of Target tights and checked the back to see what size I should buy to fit, well, my size.

Here's what I saw:

For those of you who can't read Blurry, here's a translation (I'm near-fluent in Blurry):

4'11"-5'5" 100-130 lbs Small/Med

5'5"-5'11" 130-175 lbs Med/Tall

5'5"-5'11" 190-240 lbs 1X/2X (I'm not positive it says 240. It's 2something though)

Back in January, I weighed about 184 lbs (I'm not sure of the exact number, but I'm too lazy to look it up.)

Do you see the problem? The tights skip from 175 pounds to 190 pounds, with no size offered for those weighing between 176 lbs and 189 lbs. Yeah--those who are under 4'11" or over 5'11" and under 100 lbs or over 240 lbs are also tightsless in this situation, but at least there are specialty stores for them (or the girls' department for those under 100 lbs). What am I to do? Where's my neither-here-nor-there store? I haven't done any research since to see if all tights have similar size gaps. Now that spring is here (kinda), I have no use for tights.

And now I have a goal for this fall '09 (other than somehow acquiring several millions of dollars [which I will totally share with you--I'll at least buy you some tights]): to fall below 175 pounds so I can get me some of them fancy Target tights.


Wendi said...

I love the creative pictures you use to illustrate your points. :)And I'm looking forward to those tights I'm getting when your ship comes in. ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved that it jumped from Med/Tall to 1x/ Tall/1x??? I rarely buy tights cause I have big calves and they just don't work for me :) But I love them so. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Whoa! When did you get back to blogging. I lost track. I checked in the fall and y'all were not speaking. I was totally offended. I mean, just cause I am from Alaska doesn't mean I like to be in the dark ... ;-) Good to see you are jumping back on the wagon and into some tights (soon).

majcross said...

See my problem with tights normally is that I am so short 5'1" but not light so I should be a small 1x/2x

jh said...

Don't get me started on tights. They are all horrible. They never fit. The toes wear out in about two wearings. The crotch rides down all the time. I hate them and pretty much refuse to wear them. Love the blog. Glad you are back.

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Chief said...

hysterical! I found you from a friend and I feel right at home! as far as the tights go...I use knee highs cuz my butt is too huge for tights of any size. Ok actually I use thigh highs because my calves are huge too and the thigh highs stay up much easier than the knee highs even though I still only wear them just below the knee. Oh mercy, what am I saying....

Makaela said...

seriously one of the funniest blogs I've read in a while. Hope you find your tights!

LisaZ said...

It might be easier to just gain six pounds. And it might be way more fun.

Aaron Grey said...

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