Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skinny Buns

Get this. (I read somewhere that the secret of successful bloggers is that they start each post with a forceful command.*) You know Carrie Fisher? The actress/writer/gold bikini-wearer? (Of course you know Carrie Fisher. Who doesn't?) I just heard from her very mouth that she was offered the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy with the caveat that she lose 10 pounds. The thing is, at the time she weighed a mere 105 pounds. Sure, she's 5'1" tall, but that's still incredibly skinny. Shame on you, George Lucas and Star Wars casting agents!

I hate Hollywood. (Except for when they make an enjoyable film--I like that part.)

P.S. My source for this information is an NPR podcast of "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" episode, which originally aired on January 31st of this year.

*I made that up
. The actual secret of successful bloggers is that they tell outrageous lies.


Wendi said...

You just outdid yourself. :) I love the fun you have with photoshop. No, your skills simply could not be any better. This post was hilarious! (Now, seriously, you should come follow my blog--even though it's not nearly as amusing as yours. It's what best in-state friends do, you see.) :)

queen40 said...

I love wait, wait, don't tell me!

Anonymous said...

The buns are dandy. I also think that if someone were to ask to cast me in a movie and demand that I drop 10 pounds. Hey, if they supplied me with a personal trainer and a cook (all for free of course), I would be so there. If not, I would have no problem losing a limb to drop a quick 10 pounds!