Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweater, Set, Go!

Pssst...I have a secret to tell you. Don't tell anyone...I'm counting on your discretion, internet. We just got back from visiting Sara and her family. And by just got back, I mean we got back 9 days ago. In my world, it takes 9 days to transition from vacation to life again. It also takes me 9 days to finish folding a load of laundry, but that's probably more than you need to know. Anyway, that's not the secret. The secret is: Sara is already skinny. I can tell you already that she will not agree with this. At least, she'll protest that she's not done and blah, blah, blah, blah. And that's true to a degree--she is not at her goal weight. But hoo boy, does she ever look good right now! Tall, leggy (her legs come up to her chin, and that's a good thing) and lovely. It was great to spend time with her and feel fat and frumpy in her presence...I mean, get inspired by her success and beauty. Really, it was the latter. Promise (mostly).  

Since Sara is looking so good, of course I had to force her to buy a pale pink sweater set at a consignment store. You might think this is part of my jealous fat-friend plan to make her look elderly/PTA Presidentish/Laura Bushish, but for once you're wrong. This was the most lovely pink silk, narrow-cable, elegant sweater set you ever did see, and Sara looked so fine in it. She already has this long-necked, slim, blond Grace Kelly vibe going on and the sweater set just added to that. I kind of bullied Sara into buying it and perhaps she returned it as soon as I was out of the way (and if she really has, I will probably forgive her, though it might take me 7 or 8 minutes). However, if she did, she must find another lovely pink sweater set and buy it. Then she needs to wear it with a slim gray skirt, some elegant heels, pearls (what else?), do her hair in a chignon, and then go walk around town for a while and wait for men to fall at her feet in dumb-struck awe. Trust me, it'll happen. 
Congratulations, Sara, on your fantastic progress. 
Note: The Sara picture was taken through a windshield, so it's not the clearest picture ever. However, she (Sara, not the windshield) looked so good, I had to use it anyway. 


Wendi said...

I love this picture. Holly is right, you do look mighty pretty in it, Sara. :) I'm so proud of your progress. Oops, that was supposed to be a secret. Sorry, Holly... :)